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BPA 302 POLITICS AND CITIZENSHIP Article Analysis final Paper – Local Government Meeting and Issues

Article Analysis

BPA 302

Article Analysis

With times of public policy changes and social policies relating to crime, abortion, and health care, to name a few, precedence of importance in each category ultimately is related by the actions of governmental agencies and timely deliverables of critical changes. Government, in terms of definition is often thought to be a direct person. People generally relate the word as one entity, with little reason to the mass arms spread throughout the government chains of responsibility. The fact of matter relating the word government to a single definition comes from particulars that can often be found in meetings of governmental agencies. These meetings may address policies or procedures regarding public decision regions in direct correlation with what issues lay within the locality of the government holding the meeting. The particular needs for one community may differ from others however the reality of various public policies will affect how each person lives and interacts within society. The task listed in the syllabus under week one assignments gave instruction to locate an article that describes a local government meeting. The information in this paper list details regarding the local government meeting named Reviewing a City Charter. Further information within the paper identifies the issues at the meeting and how the issues relate to the public policy environment.

Description of Local Government Meeting and Issues

In the early 1900’s cities were faced with challenges from failures in effective governing due to lack of financial help and raised corruption. The challenges continued and in the State of North Carolina Government and city of Lenoir officials decided to review a few things. The idea of placing potential public policy in effect does not only serve as a relief but also as a hinder of issues. This is evident of issues heavily weighted within the communities and dictation of implementation processes adhered to of reform is the primary focus of the meeting. The government decided to hold a meeting to entertain new ideas for implementation and cohesiveness of public policy by creating charters with the commissions division (a group of appointed citizens). City charters are placed as guidelines to rules that define basic operations for cities to look upon for reducing corruption and enhancing local involvement/togetherness, out of the normal city activity of state governmental proposals of process. A well functioning government relies on established rules, regulations, practices, and precedent, not just power (Hassett W., 2011). All of which a charter is largely part of the regulation formations and a complex realization that the consequence of power manifests an agenda for both action and non-action figured by the. The meeting proposed unity in public policy environment. The application with the opportunities for direct citizen involvement of their local government may be good practice and potential to realize some issues available for organized “out” of politics and agenda’s needed. By creating advisory groups, public hearings, and other operations of a membership a strong charter can be built to offer uncommon opportunity for the public services of an individual community.

Issues Related to Public Policy Environment

Common issues in light of the potential positives were found related to the public officials or leaders demands of argument. The argument raising issues of demand from opposing supporter’s detailed direction whether the representatives defer to the public’s demands by allowing changes to charters, acting as delegates of the public. On the other spectrum; must the officials act as trustees guided by their own convictions of what is best for their constituents and the society (Kofinis & Theodoulou, 2004).The environment of public policy and issues of this meeting debates just how much allowance for involvement the citizens should be appointed to have. The city mayor ordered a resource person (expert in political science) to identify the scope of work within the proposed charter changes and communicate breakdowns to the opposing members of the government departments for the city. Public policy is known as a basic definition of the public interest involving society. Most cases have continual disagreements argued toward the meaning of good for the public. In contrast social, economic, and health issues play a role in defining clarity of what the public may need. The application of details relating to public environment and large scales of need must be present to make sound judgment and charter implementations as the ones in this meeting.

Conclusion of Thoughts Related to Meeting

The complexity of governing and policies are not always within the main frame and if left undisclosed even set charters will not help the policy changes. The issues in this meeting revealed a government of two-sided opinions for the charter changes. One of the approaches lines up with the democracy allowances found in a pluralism force of dynamics and what issues can be set to better aid for the community, thus allowing citizens to have more input. The opposing line of elitism found in governmental agencies endure questions more in scope of power and control, not as concerned with the democracy of need and questions the relationship of creating better public policies. It is rare that all citizens will see a policy problem or action as in the public interest, even with placement of charter changes. The failures and the victories of public policy depend on how clearly public interest is defined and public policy is a response to correct an inefficient allocation, or a market failure (Kofinis & Theodoulou 2004). This meeting could have delivered better detail of warrant for the charter changes such as safety. What people fail to remember is public interest deals with what is in the best interest of the nation, not governed control. The roles of elected officials are to ensure the public leaders can embrace the notion of leadership and direction that may leave either side un-happy at times. The elected officials attending the described meeting have a duty to best represent and decide for all people of which they govern.

Hassett, W. L. (2011). North Carolina city charter changes. National Civic Review, 100(2), 48.  



Theodoulou, S., & Kofinis, C. (2004). The Art of The Game; Understanding American public policy making. Belmont, CA: Thompson Learning.


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Georgio’s defaults on a payment to supplier Dee Creations answer

In each of the following situations, determine whether Georgio’s Fashions is a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited partnership, or a corporation.

  1. Georgio’s defaults on a payment to supplier Dee Creations. Dee sues Georgio’s and each of the owners of Georgio’s personally for payment of the debt. Georgio’s is owned by three persons, two of whom are not allowed to participate in the firm’s management.
  2. Meyer, Knapp, and Cavanna establish a partnership to operate a window washing service. Meyer contributes $10,000 to the partnership, and Nap and Cavanna contribute $1000 each.

The partnership agreement is silent as to how profits and losses will be shared. One month after the partnership begins operation, Nap and Cavanna vote, over Meyer’s objection, to purchase another truck for the firm. Meyer believes that because he contributed $10,000, the partnership cannot make any major commitment to purchase over his objection. In addition, Meyer claims that in absence of any provision in the agreement, profits must be divided in the same ratio as capital contributions. Fully discuss Meyer’s contentions.

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Of 10,000 students at a college, 2,500 have a Mastercard (M), 4,000 have a VISA (V), and 1,000 have both Answer

Page 168-169


Of 10,000 students at a college, 2,500 have a Mastercard ( M), 4,000 have a VISA ( V), and 1,000 have both.

a Find the probability that a randomly selected student

( 1) Has a Mastercard.

( 2) Has a VISA.

( 3) Has both credit cards.

b Construct and fill in a contingency table summarizing the credit card data. Employ the following pairs of events: M and M , V and V .

c Use the contingency table to find the probability that a randomly selected student

( 1) Has a Mastercard or a VISA.

( 2) Has neither credit card.

( 3) Has exactly one of the two credit cards.

4.14 page 169

In the book Essentials of Marketing Research, William R. Dillon, Thomas J. Madden, and Neil H. Firtle present the results of a concept study for a new wine cooler. Three hundred consumers between 21 and 49 years old were randomly selected. After sampling the new beverage, each was asked to rate the appeal of the phrase

Not sweet like wine coolers, not filling like beer, and more refreshing than wine or mixed drinks as it relates to the new wine cooler. The rating was made on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 representing “ extremely appealing” and with 1 representing “ not at all appealing.” The results obtained are given in Table 4.4. Estimate the probability that a randomly selected 21- to 49- year- old consumer

a Would give the phrase a rating of 5.

b Would give the phrase a rating of 3 or higher.

c Is in the 21– 24 age group; the 25– 34 age group; the 35– 49 age group.

d Is a male who gives the phrase a rating of 4. e Is a 35- to 49- year- old who gives the phrase a rating of 1.

4.19 page 176

Recall from Exercise 4.13 ( page 169) that each month a brokerage house studies various compa-nies and rates each company’s stock as being either “ low risk” or “ moderate to high risk.” In a recent report, the brokerage house summarized its findings about 15 aerospace companies and 25 food retailers in the following table:

Company Type Low Risk Moderate to High Risk

Aerospace company 6 low risk 9 moderate to high risk

Food retailer 15 low risk 10 moderate to high risk

4.39 page181

A department store is considering a new credit policy to try to reduce the number of customers de-faulting on payments. A suggestion is made to discontinue credit to any customer who has been one week or more late with his/ her payment at least twice. Past records show 95 percent of defaults were late at least twice. Also, 3 percent of all customers default, and 30 percent of those who have not defaulted have had at least two late payments.

a Find the probability that a customer with at least two late payments will default.

b Based on part a, should the policy be adopted? Explain.

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Equipment was purchased for $17,000 on January 1, 2006 Answer

(TCO A, E) Equipment was purchased for $17,000 on January 1, 2006. Freight charges amounted to $700 and there was a cost of $2,000 for building a foundation and installing the equipment. It is estimated that the equipment will have a $3,000 salvage value at the end of its 5-year useful life. What is the amount of accumulated depreciation at December 31, 2007, if the straight-line method of depreciation is used?

Ans: $ 6,680

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Why is a Cash Budget so vital to a company

Companies must prepare multi-period cash budgets in sequence because the ending cash balance of one period becomes the beginning cash balance for the next period. A cash budget contributes to more effective cash management. For example, it can show when a company will need additional financing well before the actual need arises. Conversely, it can indicate when the company will have excess cash available for investments or other purposes. If a company doesn’t prepare the cash budget, then it may not be able to do the financing activity correctly which can lead to business issues.